Friday, October 19, 2007

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists to Give Lifesaving Emergency Veterinary Training for NYPD K-9 Unit Handlers

New York, NY – Friday, October 19, 2007 – The K-9 Unit of New York's Finest will soon be fully prepared to provide vital immediate first aid care for their four-legged partners in case of an on-the-job injury or accident. K-9 handlers and officers have been invited to undergo extensive emergency intervention training as a part of the exclusive NYPD Emergency Veterinary Training program, which kicks off with an intensive three-hour course on October 24, 2007.

Offered by Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists and 24 Hour Emergency Care (FAVS), the special program will include an advanced seminar and demonstrations covering a wide spectrum of first aid techniques and procedures to treat these important dogs. In addition to the extensive training program, FAVS will be the primary provider of all veterinary services for the animals in the K-9 unit.

"Our team of specialists looks forward to working with the officers, trainers and handlers of the NYPD as well as the brave canine officers who have the tremendous job of keeping our families, homes and businesses safe," said Skye Stanley, DVM, medical director of FAVS. "As a leading provider of specialty veterinary care in New York City, we are proud to contribute our expertise in helping to support our community and local law enforcement," he added.

Throughout the course, seminar topics will cover a vast area of emergency veterinary response techniques focusing on the administration of physical examinations, airway management, heat stroke, electrocution, poisoning, gun shot and stab wounds and other injuries or conditions potentially sustained by police canines in the line of duty. During the demonstration portion of the course, instructors will give a demonstration of an endotracheal intubation, or the insertion of a breathing tube to maintain an airway for lifesaving procedures. Other demonstration topics that will be covered include oxygen administration, defibrillation, CPCR and much more.

At the end of the training course, all participating handlers will receive a first aid field kit containing essential wound care materials, including bandages and dressings, cast padding, irrigating eye wash, oxygen masks and other devices, some of which has been generously provided by Butler Animal Health Supply. These supplies, along with the training, will help to ensure that handlers can administer lifesaving care onsite to each K-9 partner prior to hospital transport when necessary.

The New York Police Department K-9 Unit is a subunit of the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. The K-9 Unit consists of German Shepherds, cross-trained patrol dogs and Bloodhounds. Formed in 1980, the K-9 Unit assists the NYPD in subway patrol, tracking and criminal apprehension in addition to search and recovery. These special dogs have a job that is both dangerous and challenging, but they work continuously, ignoring injuries in order to complete their task and protect the public.


Fifth Avenue Veterinary SpecialistsFifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists and 24 Hour Emergency Care (FAVS) is a unique facility specializing in referral and emergency care. Located in the heart of lower Manhattan, FAVS offers a full spectrum of medical and surgical services, including digital radiography, emergency and critical care, fluoroscopy, internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, and pain management. In partnership with referring veterinarians, FAVS is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards with a team of specialists, nurses, and support staff to ensure pets receive the very best specialty and emergency care.

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