Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Cool Cats and Hot Dogs in Prospect Park!

New York, NY – Wednesday, September 24, 2003 – Prospect Park West and 15th Street in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, will be the right place to look for love on Saturday, October 11, from noon to 4 p.m. when the exceptionally stylish dogs and cats of the BARC Animal Shelter host the latest in a series of major adoption events being held throughout the City.

Also in attendance will be dogs and cats from some of the other animal rescue groups and shelters that make up the Mayor s Alliance for NYC s Animals, Inc., including Animal Haven, the ASPCA, the Center for Animal Care and Control, and many more animal rescue groups.

Some of these very special little New Yorkers will include:


Completely black dogs and cats, specially selected to match the wardrobe of the most fashionable New Yorker!


Feline New Yorkers of every stripe! (Orange, grey, and even some tabbies!)


A large and varied selection of loving and peaceable St. Francis Terriers (a.k.a. pit bulls)!


Pure breeds, mystery breeds, and some very special little New Yorkers with no breeding whatsoever!

Planned Activities:


A strolling Dixieland band will be on hand to entertain!


Get your current dog(s) microchipped and licensed — help him or her get home safe.


Ask the Veterinarian, Ask the Groomer, and Ask the Trainer all those questions you've wanted to ask!


A pet psychic and animal spirit guide. Bring your current dog and discover their hidden thoughts. Is she lonely? Does he want a new brother or sister? Is she a closet cat lover? Or use the latest spirit techniques to find your perfectly compatible new best friend.


Come Adopt a Little New Yorker Today — or two!


The Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals, Inc., is a coalition of over 40 animal rescue groups and shelters working with the City of New York to find a great home for every cat and dog in NYC who needs one. These events are the result of a groundbreaking partnership among the Mayor's Alliance, its affiliated organizations, and the City of New York.



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Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

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