Tuesday, December 24, 2002

City Hall and Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals Sign Historic Agreement to Create No-Kill City by Year 2008

New York, NY – Tuesday, December 24, 2002 – City Hall and the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals marked a new era in companion animal welfare by signing a historic agreement to create a no-kill city by the year 2008. New York City, through its various agencies, will devote a host of non-financial resources to the Mayor's Alliance and its network of more than 30 participating animal welfare organizations to help increase the adoption of cats and dogs and to reduce the killing of adoptable shelter animals.

This landmark agreement signals new hope for thousands of companion animals in the city's already overcrowded shelter system, where approximately 80% of incoming animals are euthanized annually. According to Jane Hoffman, President and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Mayor's Alliance, this aggressive long-term solution addresses the growing problem of unspayed and unneutered animals in New York City. "We're delighted that the Mayor has embraced the vision that a major municipality can create a no-kill environment. This initiative sends a strong message that our city is committed to protecting and preserving the lives of companion animals. Our goal, says Hoffman, is to provide desperately needed relief to the city's CACC shelters by helping them to adopt out as many animals as possible into safe and happy homes."

New York City follows in the footsteps of Richmond, Virginia, and San Francisco, California, two urban centers that have successfully implemented no-kill policies. However, New York City's agreement is unique in that it draws on an extensive coalition of community animal welfare and rescue groups already in operation. And City Hall will support this coalition by making non-financial agency resources readily available. This includes the use of billboards to promote spaying and neutering. providing parking permits for participating groups to park mobile adoption vehicles throughout the city and utilizing City Parks as adoption venues. "These resources are critical for expediting the adoption process and promoting low-cost spay/neuter services," says Hoffman.

To further bolster this no-kill agreement, the Mayor's Alliance and the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City (VMA NYC) will submit a joint grant application for 16 million dollars to Maddie's Fund, a private California-based family foundation. Funding permitted, the Mayor's Alliance will oversee the adoption effort and the VMA NYC will oversee the drive to increase spay/neuter surgeries. The VMA NYC will utilize its network of participating private veterinary practices to provide low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to low-income New York City residents.

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