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Out of the Cage! The Blog of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

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Nastassja found her forever home at the Mayor's Alliance's Adopt-A-Cat event two years ago. This year's Whiskers In Wonderland offers more than 400 cats that same opportunity. Nastassja says, 'Please come out and adopt!' (Photo by John Montgomery)

Nastassja found her forever home at the Mayor's Alliance's Adopt-A-Cat event two years ago. This year's Whiskers In Wonderland offers more than 400 cats that same opportunity. Nastassja says, "Please come out and adopt!"

Photo by John Montgomery

Out of the Cage!

Holiday 2010

If our holiday issue of Out of the Cage! seems to focus heavily on cats, well…that's intentional. This weekend, December 18–19, we're celebrating the joys of sharing your life with cats at our first-ever Whiskers In Wonderland holiday adoption event, presented in partnership with Best Friends Animal Society. We've lined up plenty of exciting activities for cat-lovers, in addition to offering a huge variety of cats and kittens for adoption (and some rabbits, too).

In this issue, you'll hear from Julie Bank, Executive Director of Animal Care & Control of NYC (ACC). In her article, "Cats in the Shelter…," Julie tells about her experience fostering, and then adopting, an amazing kitty, and encourages others to discover the joys of adopting a cat from the shelter.  Jane Warshaw, in her informative article, "Positively Adorable. Positively Adoptable.," cites a range of experts to help dispel some of the myths about adopting an FIV+ cat or kitten.

You'll also read about how some of NYC's brightest architects are helping to make sure some of NYC's community cats stay safe and warm outdoors this winter. And how three KittyKind volunteers are pursuing new veterinary careers following their experience working with the group's cats.

Not to slight our canine friends, we've also featured a story about Rocky, a beautiful dog whose remarkable resemblance to Picasso, our Picasso Veterinary Fund's namesake, is amazing. And you'll read about a holiday fundraiser presented by TAILS; how you can support our participating organizations by buying a calendar (something everyone on your holiday shopping list can use!); and a new year's resolution that might change your life forever.

I'd like to take the opportunity now to thank those who have worked so hard this year to move us closer to our lifesaving goals, and on whom we will rely for continued support in 2011 — Year Seven of our Maddie's® Pet Rescue Project in NYC. Our thanks to Maddie's Fund for their continued faith in us and support of our efforts in NYC; the ASPCA, for it's continued commitment of funding and resources; to the North Shore Animal League America for its generosity in making its mobile adoption units available to numerous Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) throughout the year; to our 150-plus APOs that each day are saving lives; and to our partners, our volunteers, and our financial supporters who are fueling our journey.

We at the Mayor's Alliance wish each and every one of you and your family members — two- and four-legged alike — a happy, healthy, and humane new year.


Best wishes,

Jane Hoffman

President, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals


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Fall in Love at Whiskers In Wonderland This Weekend!

NYC's Outdoor Cats Get Help from Architects for Animals

TAILS' "Family Portraits" Creates Memories, Benefits Homeless Animals

Is That Picasso?…No, It's Rocky!

Make a Smart New Year's Resolution: Adopt a Senior Pet

Cat Fancy Magazine Features Inspiring Article by KittyKind Volunteer

Order a 2011 Calendar, and Save a Life

Positively Adorable. Absolutely Adoptable.

by Jane Warshaw

Cats in the Shelter…

by Julie Bank, Executive Director, Animal Care & Control of NYC

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