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Out of the Cage! The Blog of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

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The Mayor's Alliance is promoting pet adoptions in a big way this holiday season! Santa and friends took the message to NYC's busy Fifth Avenue on December 9. (Photo by Jessica Del Guercio)

The Mayor's Alliance is promoting pet adoptions in a big way this holiday season! Santa and friends took the message to NYC's busy Fifth Avenue on December 9.

Photo by Jessica Del Guercio

Out of the Cage!

Holiday 2008

No one can deny that 2008 has been a year of change — some good, some troubling. While we look forward to our nation beginning to move in a new direction with new leadership in 2009, we also are dealing today with the consequences of a difficult economy that's bringing more animals into our shelters and challenging our ability to maintain robust adoptions. But through it all, our coalition of shelters and rescue groups working to bring positive change for homeless animals in New York City has remained focused and proactive in its efforts to save lives and create better tomorrows for the animals.

This holiday issue of Out of the Cage! describes some of our collaborative endeavors over the past months, and our progress toward achieving the four core objectives set forth in our ten-year strategic plan. You'll read about our efforts to increase pet adoptions in NYC, especially around the holidays, spay/neuter initiatives to reduce the number of homeless animals entering our city shelters, and use of the media to increase public awareness of the wonderful animals available for adoption and the increased challenges facing shelters and rescue groups in these difficult economic times. And you'll read about how we are working to strengthen our resources by providing training and concrete support to the Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) to help them accomplish more for the animals.

Despite the challenges we face, we forge ahead with optimism and determination, and the knowledge that yes, we can continue to save lives and remain on course to reach our goals. As we stand on the threshold of Year 5 of the Maddie's Pet Rescue Project in NYC, we are fortified by the continued faith and financial support of Maddie's Fund. We continue to rely upon the generosity of the ASPCA, a founding member of the Mayor's Alliance and a continued supporter. We depend upon the generosity of the PETCO Foundation and PetSmart Charities to keep our free cat spay/neuter clinics running, Broadway Barks for its continued support of our Picasso Veterinary Fund, and numerous other organizations, businesses, veterinary partners, and private individuals, including volunteers, whose ongoing support is helping us to do more.

In 2009 we can do more, and we will do more, fueled by the unwavering dedication and can-do attitude of the more than 140 animal shelters and rescue organizations that participate in our Alliance. They are the heart of our organization, just as the animals we seek to help are our soul.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Out of the Cage! And we wish you and your family members — human and non-human alike — a happy, healthy, and humane New Year.


Best wishes,

Jane Hoffman

President, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals


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