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Out of the Cage! The Blog of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

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Tayla is one of the lucky seniors who will spend this year's holidays with her new adoptive family, thanks to help from Joan Antelman, publisher of Senior Pets: All They Need is Love.

Tayla is one of the lucky seniors who will spend this year's holidays with her new adoptive family, thanks to help from Joan Antelman, publisher of Senior Pets: All They Need is Love.

Out of the Cage!

Fall/Holiday 2007

This has been a busy autumn for the Mayor's Alliance and now, as we head into the holiday season, it's a good time to report on some of the highlights of the past weeks and months.

In this Fall/Holiday issue of Out of the Cage! you'll read about our final Mayor's Alliance Maddie's Pet Adoption Festivals of the 2007 season, including our most successful-ever Adopt-A-Cat event at Madison Square Garden in October. You'll also read about two important fundraising events that brought in much-needed funds for our Picasso Veterinary Fund, which continues to save precious lives that would be lost without it. You'll meet Eddie and Sonia, two courageous animals whose lives were saved thanks to the NYPD and the Picasso Veterinary Fund.

No doubt you've been following developments in the feral cat situation at JFK Airport, and we're bringing you an up-to-date summary.

And we're excited to announce the good news that our transport van fleet has a new addition, thanks to a generous grant by the PETCO Foundation.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter, which you'll continue to receive each quarter. Beginning in 2008 you'll also begin receiving in your in-box each month a quick update from our Picasso Veterinary Fund — just a short message each month that hopefully will bring a smile to your face as you read about some of the many wonderful animals whose lives have been saved thanks to the fund.

And finally, be on the lookout for my year-end message to you that will update you on where we are on our journey to no-kill as we approach Year 4 of our Maddie's Fund Projects in NYC.


Enjoy the approaching holidays!

Jane Hoffman

President, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals


In This Issue…

Fall Adoption Events Create Happy Homes

Picasso Veterinary Fund in Action: A Dog, a Cat, and the NYPD

Mayor's Alliance Leads Efforts to Save Feral Cats at JFK Airport

PETCO Foundation Funds Expansion of Mayor's Alliance Transport Fleet

APO Strength Training in 2008

Fashion, Comedy Raise Dollars for NYC's Animals

Mother's Comfort Project Turns Out Cage Comforters for Shelter Animals

Zootoo Offers Shelter Makeover Valued at Up to $1,000,000!

Gingerbread Homes Return to Chelsea Market in December

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists Supports NYC's Animals

JFK Cats Gain Wide Media Coverage

Oh, Behave! Arden Moore Advises About Dogs and Cats in the City

by Arden Moore

Two Tales of Re-homing Senior Pets

by Joan Antelman

Notes from the Cat Therapist

by Carole Wilbourn

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Calendar of NYC Animal Events

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