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Out of the Cage! The Blog of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

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Champ demonstrates in his own way that strength training for APOs is an important part of achieving no-kill in NYC.

Champ demonstrates in his own way that strength training for APOs is an important part of achieving no-kill in NYC.

Out of the Cage! (Fall/Holiday 2007)

APO Strength Training in 2008

Working smarter, working harder. As part of our ten-year strategic plan, APO strength-training is one of our four core objectives for achieving no-kill. The Mayor's Alliance is committed to helping its participating organizations (APOs) increase their efficiency and effectiveness and thereby increase their capacity to save lives.

One important aspect of our strength-training initiative involves providing APOs with special training opportunities geared to specific aspects of their shelter and rescue operations. In 2008, a range of topics will be covered in two-hour evening sessions where representatives from APOs will hear from experts in a variety of fields relating to shelter and rescue operations. While the schedule is still being finalized, the following is a tentative lineup of training sessions being developed.

January: Public Relations and Maddie's Fund Recognition

Our PR team from M. Silver Associates will discuss PR opportunities and how to capitalize upon them in the new year. Included will be a discussion of ways in which those APOs that are Maddie's Pet Partners can acknowledge Maddie's Fund's contribution to their efforts in their advertising and marketing communications.

March: Infectious Disease in the Shelter Environment

Dr. Louise Murray of the ASPCA's Bergh Memorial Hospital will be the guest speaker at this valuable and informative session that will explore the risks and prevention of infectious diseases among shelter animals.

April: Adoption Contracts

APOs will hear from expert animal lawyer Eleanor Molbegott, Legal Counsel for The Humane Society of New York and a private practice lawyer specializing in animal issues, who will talk about how to create or improve pet adoption contracts and other related issues.

May: Expanding Capacity Through In-store Adoption Locations, Storefronts and Adoption Vans

Attendees will hear from fellow APO leaders with experience in expanding their organizations' capacity through enhanced adoption locations.

Other topics being developed include Coping Successfully with Compassion Fatigue; Red Cross Emergency Training for Shelter and Rescue Workers; Bereavement Counseling for Pet Owner/Guardians and Shelter/Rescue Workers; and Exploring the Benefits of TTouch for Rescue Cats and Dogs.

APOs will be notified of each training session by e-mail once details have been finalized. These sessions are created exclusively for staff and volunteers of Mayor's Alliance member groups, and APOs will be asked to register when invitations are sent out.

Alliance member groups are invited to suggest additional topics for future trainings; just e-mail your suggestion to