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Photo by Maggie O'Neill

Miles For Paws FAQ

How do I become a Miles For Paws Pack Member?

To become a Miles For Paws Pack Member, complete and submit the brief online Miles For Paws Application.

You must also pay your one-time-only team membership fee of $35. This fee goes to offset costs involved in promoting the team. We'll contact you after we receive your completed form and registration fee.

Join the Miles For Paws Pack

What do I receive when I register for Miles For Paws?

When you register for Miles For Paws, you will receive:

A link to your customized Miles For Paws webpage where you can upload your own pictures and information and easily fundraise and promote the team.

A Miles For Paws running singlet.

A Miles For Paws shoe wallet.

A Miles For Paws drawstring bag.

Anyone can purchase additional Miles For Paws gear. E-mail for more details!

Who can become a Miles For Paws Pack Member?

Miles For Paws is proud to welcome Pack Members of all ages, abilities, and areas of interest. If you're a competitor who participates in sports beyond walking, running, cycling, swimming, or triathlons, e-mail to see how your athletic team can support Miles For Paws.

We are also excited to offer Pack Membership to those wishing to participate in wheelchair or handcycling events.

If you are under the age of 18, consent of your legal guardian is required for you to join our team.

Miles For Paws takes pride in representing NYC's animals, but you can live anywhere and support Miles For Paws! We want anyone who owns a dog or cat (or rabbit!), or who simply loves animals, to know about the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

How will I support Miles For Paws?

There are only two things Miles For Paws Pack Members must do:

  1. Talk about the great work the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals does on behalf of NYC's homeless animals.

  2. Complete your personal fundraising webpage. (We promise, it's simple and fun!)

By educating your friends and family about who the Alliance is, the progress we've made towards making NYC a no-kill community, and all our initiatives and programs, you are supporting our mission. You can do it by simply wearing your Miles For Paws shirt and advocating our mission, or by gathering e-mail addresses of fellow animal lovers. By completing your fundraising web page, even without soliciting donations, you're allowing members of the public to easily and securely donate to the Alliance on your behalf.

  Set Up Your Page

Do I have to solicit funds to be a Miles For Paws Pack Member?

You are not required to do anything for Miles For Paws other than what is outlined above, but NYC's animals would thank you if you go that extra mile! The Alliance helps make fundraising easy; your personalized webpage provides you with a tool to effortlessly promote Miles For Paws and the Alliance. You can include a link on your Facebook page, Twitter, blog, or e-mails, and you can quickly (and securely) upload your personal e-mail contacts to ask them for support.

Don't believe us? Look at how easy it could be to raise $1,000 in about a week:

Day 1: Start by donating $50 yourself.

Day 2: Ask two family members to sponsor you for $50 each.

Day 3: Ask five friends to contribute $25.

Day 4: Ask five co-workers to contribute $15.

Day 5: Ask five neighbors to contribute $15.

Day 6: Ask five people from your local dog park for $15.

Day 7: Ask your boss for a company contribution of $75.

Day 8: Ask five local animal-loving merchants (pet supply stores, vet offices, etc.) to sponsor you for $50.

Day 9: Ask two businesses you frequent for $50.

What races does Miles For Paws participate in?

Our Pack Members can participate in any race they wish, representing and fundraising for Miles For Paws. We encourage Miles For Paws Pack Members to share information about races on our Miles For Paws Pack Facebook group.

Miles For Paws has five slots available for the TCS New York City Marathon. If you are interested in applying for one of these spots, learn more on our TCS New York City Marathon page.

Do I need to be a member of New York Road Runners (NYRR) in order to join Miles For Paws?

Miles For Paws will participate in New York Road Runners (NYRR) races throughout the year, but you do not have to be a member of NYRR in order to join Miles For Paws. As a Pack Member, you will receive team updates through our Facebook page and from our staff.

There are many benefits in joining NYRR — most importantly, discounted entry fees for races and the ability to join their fitness and training classes. For more benefits and information, please visit the NYRR Membership page.

If you decide to become a NYRR member, please select "Team PAWS" (the abbreviated name for Miles For Paws) under Teams to signify that you are a Pack Member.

If you are already a NYRR member, please transfer your name over to Miles for Paws by selecting "Team PAWS" (the abbreviated name for Miles For Paws) under Teams.