PhotoNav-NoPhotographer-CkHN5qSWgAAH52KHow to Report an Animal Cruelty Crime

Community cats are considered companion animals, not wildlife, under New York State law. They are protected by the same anti-cruelty statutes that protect our pets from unjustified harm, pain, or suffering at the hands of a human.

In New York City, animal cruelty cases are handled by the New York Police Department (NYPD). If you have observed the ongoing neglect or abuse of an animal, call 311. However, if you are witnessing an animal cruelty emergency in progress, call 911, or go to your local NYPD precinct.

To give NYPD information about an animal cruelty crime and remain anonymous, contact NYPD’s Crime Stoppers program by calling 1-800-577-TIPS. You can also submit a tip to¬†Crime Stoppers online, by SMS/text, or via a mobile app. Your identity will be protected no matter which method you use to give a tip to Crime Stoppers, and you may earn a reward for helping to convict an animal abuser.