(Photo by Krista Menzel)

Adopt a Rescued Cat or Kitten

During Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), friendly stray cats and feral-born kittens young enough to be socialized are removed from colonies for adoption placement in indoor, forever homes.

The cats and kittens featured on the NYC Feral Cat Initiative Petfinder page are available for adoption from Certified TNR Caretakers who have provided descriptions and photographs of their foster animals. As a courtesy, the NYCFCI posts this information on our Petfinder page. An adoption application and fee are required for all adoptions, and these applications and fees vary by adoption organization.

You may notice that many of the cats listed for adoption on our NYCFCI Petfinder page are eartipped. The true personality and temperament of a cat may not be known at the time they are taken in to be spayed or neutered, so they are eartipped during surgery. The eartip identifies them as a TNR’ed cat after they are returned to their outdoor home.

For further assistance, please e-mail adoption@NYCFeralCat.org.

Note: Certified TNR Caretakers can learn more about NYCFCI adoption courtesy postings on our How to Promote a Cat or Kitten for Adoption page.

Cats & Kittens for Adoption

View a list of cats and kittens available for adoption through the NYC Feral Cat Initiative’s Petfinder page: